IndieGame Dev Documentation - My skeleton models generation SOP

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I need a generation pipeline to create easy skeleton models and its bones must fully support mixamo and UE4 animation packs.

Creating animation in this bone must be easy enough to handle by solo developer.

Time is way much important than a few buck of money! Two purchased plugins are used in this SOP.



From Blender to UE4

(1) Create character models (2 fingers) in blender.

(2) UV unwrap and texture painting (make this process as easy as possible) in blender.

(3) Use auto-rig pro: smart to generate base reference bones.

(4) Modify reference bones to proper position.

(5) Set spine to 4

(6) Apply rig and bind to character

(7) Test pose and tune reference bone if required

(8) Export in UE4 format.

(9) Import to UE4.

(10) Retarget a UE4 mannequin animation to test if bone positioning is totally correct. If bad, return to step (4).

(11) Done

From Mixamo to UE4

(1) just follow tutorial of Mixamo Animation Retargeting plugin

(2) Test if all retargeted animations work perfectly.

(3) delete all mixamo assets.

Animation Creation

When exporting animation created from auto-rig pro, the mesh of character will just deformed.

It's exactly same situation as this post showed:

So, here is my solution:

(1) Create animations by Mr. Mannequin

(2) Export to UE4 by Blender For UnrealEngine

(3) Import animations to my character

Now, all animations are ready to use!