Hire Me

from PUF studio


Leave your brief needs in contact me. I'll reply you ASAP and discuss further detail there.


I accept the following kinds of task:

Data Analysis
  • Traditional Statistics:GLM, GLMM, GAM, and Multivariate Analysis.
  • Bayesian Statistics: I can construct customized models for you issue by pymc3.
  • Machine Learning:Supervised and unsupervised algorithms.
  • Image analysis:Use opencv for image or vedio analysis.
  • Data Visualization:Static, animated, or interactive way to present your data.
  • Web Scraping:Automatic collect data from any open web sites.

I use python for data analysis and jupyter notebook for presenting the results. I'll give all the results, source code, and detailed explanations.

Web Development

Full-stack web development. Including data base, server maintenance, templates, widgets, forms, data visualizations, and anything. Web development is a big job for me.



If you want to learn some particular topic from me, You can direct ask for it.

Game Development If your team need some help, you can contact with me.


Once: After I fullfill your needs, the job is done. This belongs to Once plan.

Routine: If you want some weekly or monthly routine tasks, that belongs to Routine plan.

Short-Term: If you want to include me in your team for some project in a period shorter than 6 months, this belongs to Short-Term plan.

Long-Term: If the time period is longer than 6 months, this is a Long-Term plan.